About Us

We specialize in remote location spraying of leases and right of ways throughout Alberta's oil and gas industry.




Our Vegetation Control Program outlines maintaining a safe work environment while providing the best possible service. It is our mission to leave the least possible environmental footprint while controlling vegetation and preventing the spread of noxious weeds. 



Our company maintains that our success has been built from honesty, hard work and commitment that our owners, supervision and staff have provided throughout all stages of growth that we have endured. This attitude has created a culture that has impressed our customers over and over again and is paramount during the day to day operation and continuous growth of our company.



We currently work for multiple Oil and Gas providers, transport companies and private service providers throughout most of Alberta, and are a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association where SECOR/COR certification is maintained. We are registered with ISNetworld and Comply Works for Industrial Spraying; Right of way Maintenance in Alberta.









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