Freelend Vegetation utilizes the following equipment.



Tracked Argos

Nothing beats an amphibious rubber tracked machines ability to walk across soft areas, wet ground or vegetation without leaving ruts or permanent damage. Our tracked Argo’s take us places that other UTV’s won’t dream of.

Wheeled Argos


Wheels are ideal for slightly harder ground areas where maneuverability is a must. Any road based leases, most pipeline work, yards or where tight turning can be an issue, our wheeled units really outshine tracks.


12 Volt Sprayers



Dependable, easy to use and maintain. The 12 volt sprayers in our fleet are light weight, incredible work horses, and can provide a fantastic amount of coverage in a lot of work environments.




Gas Power Sprayers


When a little more is required.. Our gas powered units are extremely efficient and can cover serious area in a quick timeframe. Larger spray pattern, longer hoses and powered by Honda makes for an extremely reliable efficient unit.


Truck Mount Skid Sprayers


Some of our right of ways and leases that are road accessible a truck mount unit with a gas powered sprayer is able to carry a larger tank and get in, get done and move quickly to the next location. We commonly utilize our truck mount units to work hand in hand with Argo units to optimize our efficiency in a work area.



Enclosed Trailers

Our enclosed rigs all have additional fresh water storage, full complement of pumps, filters, hoses, tools and parts to deal with most anything as it may arise in a season. Our remote location work has taught us to that our cheapest insurance is always being prepared for the worst at all times.




Open Trailers


When civilization is a “normal” distance, away and we don’t need the kitchen sink with us, our open trailers are similarly equipped, having fresh water storage, pumps, hoses, tools and have our base spare parts to handle any normal repairs on the spot. Our open trailers are Ideal for jobs where loading materials and bringing our tub trailers is a must.



Backpack Sprayers


For the areas that are not practically accessible by means other than foot or air. Our back pack sprayers are usually a compliment to any crew and are commonly used for small jobs, touch ups or where you just can’t get a machine close to because of access limitations or hot work restrictions. It is amazing the area that you can cover when you put your back into it..


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